12th–18th Jan 2017
Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
City Kino Wedding
& Kino Zukunft

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British Shorts 2017 Photo: Albert Warth

Anniversary Edition: 10th British Shorts Film Festival in Berlin!

200 films in seven days! British Shorts is once more back in 2017 to present the most exciting, funniest, strangest and most thrilling short films from the home of dirty weather – drama, comedy, thriller, animation, experimentals, docs, horror, science fiction and music videos straight from Great Britain and Ireland. We're looking forward to loads of short films, a 48 hour film project, concerts, parties, talks, an exhibition, retrospective screenings and an open screening at four venues in Berlin. And again the best short films will be awarded!

The winners at British Shorts Film Festival 2017!

Jury Award

Members of the jury at British Shorts 2017 were: Tatjana Turanskyj (director and producer; Eine flexible Frau, Top Girl), Anna Mayrhauser (journalist; Missy Magazine, Zitty), Ralf Beyerle (director and producer; Nachspiel) and Catherine Morawitz (producer; Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale, Yellow). Congratulations to Jennifer Zheng for winning the jury award for the best short film at the ­British Shorts Film Festival 2017 with her animated documentary Tough!

Statement by Jennifer Zheng, director of the winning film: "Thank you so much for the jury award! When I was making the film I didn't think it would get into any festivals, let alone win a prize!! I am so shocked and honoured that you picked my film out of this incredible line up of British talent: what amazing company to be amongst. I need to thank my mother for letting me interview her and make this film, my composer Ken Preston Merkley for the incredible score, my university tutors Martina Bramkamp and Chris Shepherd for their guidance and my friends for their support during difficult times. I'm sorry I couldn't be there in person, thank you again so very very much!"

Statement by the jury

For the jury statements click HERE.

Jury Award Winner - British Shorts 2017 - Tough

Honourable mention by the jury

A honourable mention from the jury goes to Pregnant Pause by Alice Seabright.

Honourable Mention - British Shorts 2017 - Pregnant Pause

The audience award

The audience award at British Shorts Film Festival 2017 goes to Balcony by Toby Fell-Holden!

Audience Award Winner - British Shorts 2017 - Balcony

Top 5 of the votings

1. "Balcony" by Toby Fell-Holden
2. "Home" by Daniel Mulloy
3. "The Chop" by Lewis Rose
4. "Jacked" by Rene Pannevis
5. Oor Wally by Martin Lennon

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