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Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
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British Shorts Summer Edition 2018 – Outdoor Short Film Festival!

Get ready for another fabulous Lichtspielklub short film festival outdoor adventure! This is the British Shorts Summer Edition – with several short film screenings at our favourite outdoor cinema Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia. Join us on Friday 3 August 2018, 9pm. For programme details check our Facebook Event.

The winners at British Shorts Film Festival 2018!

Jury Award

Members of the jury at British Shorts 2018 were: Beatrice Babin (Editor, Wim Wender’s “Les beaux jours d’Aranjuez”, Christine Franz (Arte/Tracks, director of “Bunch of Kunst – A Film about Sleaford Mods”), Judith Keil (Director, “Der Glanz von Berlin”), Jenni Zylka (Journalist, taz, Tagesspiegel, Zeit Online a.o.). Congratulations to Sean Robert Dunn for winning the jury award for the best short film at British Shorts Film Festival 2018 with his drama British by the Grace of God!

Jury Award Winner - British Shorts 2018 - British by the Grace of God

Statement by Sean Robert Dunn, director of the winning film: "Thank you to the Jury for this very unexpected and very much appreciated honor. Unexpected because of the high calibre of films and filmmakers which have played in the last week. I wish I was in Berlin to accept this award on behalf of the film – it is a city that I have visited many times in the past and one that I have a great affinity for. It is also a city which sits at the heart of Europe and in a country which is increasingly the moral beacon of the EU. Sadly, my own country has chosen a different path. For me this film is about fear and the power of fear to divide and hold people prisoner. And in my opinion, that is in essence what has led us to where we find ourselves now in the UK. Thank you again to the Jury and to the audience, it means a lot! Danke!"

Statement by the Jury: For the jury statements click HERE.


Audience Award

The audience award at British Shorts Film Festival 2018 goes to The Entertainer by Jonathan Schey!

Audience Award Winner - British Shorts 2018 - The Entertainer

Top 10 of the votings

1. The Entertainer by Jonathan Schey
2. The Sisters Tolchinski by Anna Maguire
3. Fish Story by Charlie Lyne
4. Dial-A-Ride by Tom Huntingford & George Cowie
5. Cycle by Isabelle Sieb
6. La Madre Buena by Sarah Clift
7. Not the End of the World by Jack Bennett
8. Clanker Man by Ben Steiner
9. The Dog with the Woman by Phoebe Arnstein & Stephen Ledger-Lomas
10. Perched by Liam Harris