17th–23rd Jan 2019
Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
City Kino Wedding
HAU Hebbel am Ufer &
Kino Zukunft

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Film still: Vacuum

Mon 15.01. 20:00 / Sputnik Kino

Festival Screening (Animation-Special) & Screening Audience Award

Animation / Music Video / Comedy / Drama / Experimental

Looper: Farfisa Song (Music Video/Animation), R.: Iain Gardner, 3:13 Min.
Badgers Mustard and Ketchup are tasked with creating a music video for Looper on a very tight budget.

The Fountain Of Blood (Animation), R.: Jennifer Berglund, 3:56 Min.
A stop motion animated adaption of Baudelaire's "La fontaine de sang".

Untamed Truths (Animation/Comedy), R.: Sophie Marsh, 1:56 Min.
An ABC of animal factuality’s. A paper film for adults.

Tête à Tête (Animation), R.: Natasha Tonkin, 8:00 Min.
A young woman visits her family. Over the weekend tensions flare, whilst technology provides an easy respite.

Vacuum (Animation), R.: Gabriel Lim, 3:16 Min.
Using his innate skills, Antoine navigates through scrutiny in an oppressive.

Big Bag (Animation), R.: Daniel Greaves, 2:00 Min.
An object lesson of when life weighs you down.

Nothing To Declare (Animation), R.: Will Adams, 7:50 Min.
An young backpacker returns home and discovers that a innocuous souvenir has had catastrophic consequences.

Chickens (Animation), R.: George Wu, 4:04 Min.
Adam and Emma are friends ... or is there more?

Contact (Animation), R.: Katy Wang, 7:26 Min.
Stranded on a distant planet, a lonely astronaut sends out a signal in search of human contact.

Second To None (Animation/Black Comedy), R.: Vincent Gallagher, 7:00 Min.
Frederick Butterfield has always been runner up to his twin brother Herman. Now he finally sees an opportunity to be first place.

Picking Sides (Animation), R.: Dotty Kultys, Beatriz Pinto, 2:00 Min.
A man and a dog are trying to enjoy a quiet afternoon on a boat, but end up stuck between a rock and a hard place.

A Bit Of Company (Animation), R.: Holly Summerson, 1:56 Min.
A lonely lady and her experiments with the occult.

Closed Visit (Animation/Drama), R.: Jade Evans, 2:00 Min.
Fictional animation based on the real experiences of British single fathers.

The Day After the Party (Animation), R.: Diyala Muir, 5:52 Min.
An anxious young girl makes her way through Brixton market.

The Girl Who Spoke Cat (Animation), R.: Dotty Kultys, 6:00 Min.
A curious girl longs for some colour and joy.

Handbook For A Happy Scout (Animation/Black Comedy), R.: Billy Huntington, 2:00 Min.
A misfit wants to hang out with the cool kids and becomes a boy scout.

Martin (Animation), R.: Sholto Crow, 4:29 Min.
A man unwittingly unleashes Armageddon in a quiet British coastal town.

Polymer (Animation), R.: Astrid Goldsmith, 2:00 Min.
Plastic garbage from the sea strikes back!

Smile - Tales From Pussy Willow (Animation), R.: Kate Jessop, 2:00 Min.
The web series "Tales From Pussy Willow" celebrates queer, feminist and absurdist topics.

The Crush (Comedy), R.: Andy Lambert, 2:00 Min.
Two cardboard boxes. A love story.

The Journey Never Starts. The Journey Never Ends. (Animation/Experimental), R.: Michelle Brand, 2:52 Min.
An endless train journey through the mysteries of time. Always moving, one thought leads to another.

Shadows And Reflections (Experimental/Animation/Music), R.: Yagama, Music: Dirk Markham, 7:14 Min.
Experimental animation with analogue rotoscope effects and an audiovisual collaboration between Dirk Markham (music) and Yagama (direction, animation, edit).