17th–23rd Jan 2019
Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
City Kino Wedding
HAU Hebbel am Ufer &
Kino Zukunft

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Film still: Cabin Pressure

Sun 14.01. 22:00 / Sputnik Kino

Festival Screening

Drama / Comedy / Animation

Prodigal (Drama), R.: Edward Hicks, 16:00 Min.
No matter how far you go you can never outrun your own flesh and blood. Beth tried harder than most to forget her twisted childhood. But now she returns to her family to help her younger brother.

Struck (Drama), R.: Aurora Fearnley, 14:00 Min.
On the sand dunes of her local beach a female jogger returns to the scene of a crime looking for closure.

Clanker Man (Comedy), R.: Ben Steiner, 10:24 Min.
Reality doesnt happen by itself. Terry Lothian works tirelessly to maintain the background details that we all take for granted.

Ouija Sex (Comedy), R.: Mondo Ghulam, 5:00 Min.
When a heart-broken man tries to contact his deceased girlfriend, he discovers she wants more than just a chat.

Cabin Pressure (Animation), R.: Matthew Lee, 3:14 Min.
A safety and regulations obsessive is forced to revaluate things when a routine flight runs into difficulties.

Cautionary Tales (Comedy), R.: Christopher Barrett, Luke Taylor, 8:04 Min.
A bizarre incident left Aaron with an unusual facial disfigurement. Now he joins a strange group of outcasts.

Little Bird (Drama), R.: Georgia Oakley, 10:40 Min.
London 1941. Women were called upon to aid the war effort and one young woman is willing to leave everything behind.

Salt And Sauce (Coming of Age/Drama), R.: Alia Ghafar, 11:00 Min.
Stuck in a post high-school limbo, Tammy works long days in the family chip-shop. The only relief from the daily slog is her her colleague Jordan and her love for photography.

Climaxed - Hanna And Alfie (Comedy), R.: Ben Mallaby, 4:59 Min.
After a one night stand Hanna wants to get rid of Alfie as soon as possible. But he wants more.

Great Dane (Comedy), R.: James Webber, 9:54 Min.
Two disparate souls come together on one strange day in the park with neither seeming to be quite who they claim to be.