17th–23rd Jan 2019
Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
City Kino Wedding
HAU Hebbel am Ufer &
Kino Zukunft

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Film still: The Nest

Fri 12.01. 21:30 / Sputnik Kino

Festival Screening

Drama / Experimental / Documentary / Animation / Comedy / Music Video

The Nest (Drama), R.: Jamie Jones, 21:16 Min.
A single-mum's (Vicky McClure, "This Is England") family is driven to extreme behaviour when they are evicted from the house they live in illegally and replaced with second-generation immigrants.

Tower XYZ (Documentary/Experimental), R.: Ayo Akingbade, 3:03 Min.
A succinct short tackling gentrification and social cleansing in Britain.

Marina And Adrienne (Drama), R.: Lucy Campbell, 13:00 Min.
Set at sea, runaway lovers find themselves in the eye of a storm, where childbirth, death and superstition are challenged by the power of love.

The Full Story (Animation), R.: Daisy Jacobs, 8:00 Min.
A new film by jury award winner and Academy Award nominee Daisy Jacobs (2015 with "The Bigger Picture"): Toby is selling his childhood home, but the empty house is full of memories.

Natalie (Drama), R.: Mikey Murray, 15:00 Min.
An estranged woman (Katie Dickie, "Game of Thrones") travels home to her fathers funeral in order to get closure with her prejudiced family.

Amusements (Comedy), R.: Martin Cannnon, 1:47 Min.
A young man tries to impress a young woman.

Cake (Comedy/Drama), R.: Alan Friel, 6:00 Min.
Two women discuss the best way to die in a barren wasteland.

Amusements (2) (Comedy), R.: Martin Cannon, 3:25 Min.
As a young couples relationship grows more serious, so too does their curiosity of each others past lovers.

Cult Party: Kiss (Two) (Music Video/Drama), R.: Patrick Taylor, 5:10 Min.
A music video about the debilitating effects of depression, addiction and bereavement.