17th–23rd Jan 2019
Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
City Kino Wedding
HAU Hebbel am Ufer &
Kino Zukunft

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Film still: How To Be Human

Sat 13.01. 21:00 / Acudkino


Drama / Comedy / Animation / Documentary

We Love Moses (Drama/Coming of Age), R.: Dionne Edwards, 16:00 Min.
Twelve year old Ella’s obsession with her brothers best friend Moses leaves her with a secret to take to the grave.

Roger (Comedy), R.: Brendan Cleaves, 7:30 Min.
Stephen (Seann Walsh, "Bad Move") arrives home after six months to discover his best friend Roy (John Bradley, "Game of Thrones") has replaced him with a ventriloquists dummy called Roger.

A Little Grey (Animation), R.: Steve Smith, Simon Hewitt, 5:16 Min.
If you're just grey in a world of colours, is there a cure?

New Year (Comedy/Drama), R.: Lauren Bensted, 11:00 Min.
New Year's Eve, London. In the back of a taxi on the way to her sister's engagement party, Alice makes some uncomfortable judgments about her driver.

Who The Hell Is Satan? (Documentary), R.: Leo Ferri, 10:51 Min.
"5grs" - the first Iranian thrash metal band with female vocals.

Beckett (Drama), R.: Paul Daly, 7:22 Min.
Beckett lives a life without direction or purpose. But he tries to change and face the family he has neglected.

How To Be Human (Sci-Fi/Drama), R.: Bruno Centofanti, 14:00 Min.
Two sisters explore the grim reality of a world without humanity in a dystopian London of the near future. Starring BAFTA winner Sophie Kennedy Clark ("Philomena") and newcomer Louise Salter ("The Habit of Beauty").

Love And Radio - Animal Parts (Animation/Documentary), R.: Adam Wells, 3:32 Min.
Weird-pop star Dan Deacon recounts a mysterious visitation. An animated extract from the Love and Radio podcast.

Mosquito (Comedy), R.: Ben Mallaby, 8:55 Min.
Why do all relationships seem to get out of hand? There’s a mosquito that takes more than just your blood.

Cycle (Comedy), R.: Isabelle Sieb, 11:00 Min.
When Lia is burgled by incompetent ex-offender Dylan, their confrontation helps her find the courage to move on from her failed marriage.